Cost Drivers Today

cost drivers today


Dedicated, specialized operating rooms, create long term logistical bottlenecks due to their diverse, non-integrated equipment.

This is a key cost driver both operationally and logistically.

We introduce a revolutionary novel design.

The first surgical unit that allows for multi-use operating rooms, designed for integration, modularity and mobility.

OARK Design Elements

The Value Proposition - A Paradigm Swift

The value preposition

Projected Benefits




On March 11th 2020, COVID-19 met all criteria to be considered a pandemic. The resulting halt in surgery led to an estimated 28.4 million elective surgery cancellations around the globe.
Human Factors Engineering (HFE) principles were initially implemented in safety-related procedures in aviation and other high-risk industries to minimize human error-related risks.
The growing number of emerging medical technologies and sophistication of modern medical devices (MDs) that improve both survival and quality of life indexes are often challenged by alarming cases...
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